Mission and Vision


MJHS Mission




In an ever-changing and advancing technological society, we envision a school where students are equipped to be leaders in a competitive environment. We envision a school where students are self-disciplined and successful members of the community. Our school’s curriculum is rigorous and relevant, high expectations are held for all students, and the entire school community is committed to helping all students reach their potential and realize academic success. Our dedicated staff pledges to support the intellectual and emotional growth of our students in a positive, safe environment. We strive to launch students to tenth grade and beyond with the confidence, discernment, and skills to succeed as lifelong learners.

We Believe...Our Students
  1. Require academic, social, and emotional support from our teachers to bridge the way to high school and beyond;
  2. Will cultivate good decision-making skills, a sense of responsibility, and respect for others on their path to maturity;
  3. Will be engaged in rigorous and relevant learning that focuses on higher-order thinking skills.
We Believe...Our Teachers
  1. Will prepare and motivate all students to meet rigorous academic standards of the next level and beyond;
  2. Will provide a variety of research-based instructional strategies, activities, and assessments;
  3. Will promote the academic and social success of all students through enrichment, remediation, and mentoring;
  4. Will provide a safe, non-threatening disciplined learning environment.
We Believe...Our Stakeholders

1. Will be involved and support activities that enhance student learning and growth;
2. Will support interdisciplinary teaming to help students develop skills needed for academic and social success.

MJHS Guiding Principles