Welcome to the MJHS Registration Page for 2018-19. Please refer to information on this page to assist you with registering for next school year's classes. Useful documents and important dates are listed below. 

Please use the Scholars Prep Guide to assist you in choosing classes for next year.  A paper copy can be requested from the Guidance Office.

Schedule Change Timeline Reminder:

Student schedules will be adjusted within the first ten (10) days of the fall semester for students.  A schedule change request form is available in the school counseling office and online. Deadline for SY 18-19 is Tuesday, August 14th.

Changes in academic placement (level) can only take place prior to the end of the first quarter (first nine weeks) of the term through a collaborative process to include the student, parent, and teacher.  After that time, academic placement (level) will only take place through a collaborative process, with administrative approval, following a student, parent, teacher, and school counselor conference.


Rising 10th Grader Registration

On this page you will find supporting documents and a PowerPoint from Maryville High School's January Open House.

At the bottom you will find a link to Maryville High Schools website on Registration

MHS 2019-2020 Course Offerings Worksheet

2018-2019 High School Course Plan

Rising 10th Grader January 2018 Open House Presentation

Link to Maryville High Schools website on Registration - CLICK HERE

MHS Graduation Requirements

Guidance Counselors

Regina Cox

Regina Cox

Kimberly Nizinski

Kimberly Nizinski