Elective Information

8th Grade

Elective Information

8th Grade Electives

Academic Success Suite: A recommendation is required                                      MJHS Codes:                                                                                                                                SAAA1 Academic Success                                                                                                    SAAM1 Academic Success Math                                                                                      SAMR1 Academic Success Math/Reading                                                                    SAAR1 Academic Success Reading

These courses are designed to assist students in increasing reading and math skills to on grade level performance.

Computer Science Independent Study: Application is required                        MJHS Code: CTCS8

This course is a hands-on introduction to computer science for 8th grade students. The course will consist of three parts: working in the Help Desk, taking part in a self-paced Introduction to Computer Science course online, and working with [Type here] 22 the instructor to develop a year-long individualized capstone project/portfolio in one of two different focus areas: "Programming WebApps, Apps, and Games" or "Computer/Hardware Repair and Prototyping.” Students will also help develop the MJHS Help Desk website through creating written instructional materials, maintaining a technology blog, and creating instructional videos. As an independent study course, requirements to take this course include self-motivation and an interest in computer science and technology, as well as completing an application with teacher recommendation. This will provide the new course description

English Language Development: A recommendation is required                    MJHS Code: ELD08

The ELD curriculum is a general set of English language acquisition standards that should be used in conjunction with content standards. These standards address the language support necessary to enable the English Learner (EL) to access the grade level content curriculum by providing a bridge for ELs to the academic content curriculum.

Gateway to Technology                                                                                                          MJHS Code: CTST0

This course, Project Lead the Way (GTT) features a project-based curriculum designed to challenge and engage the natural curiosity and imagination of 8th grade students. There are two foundational units in GTT: Automation and Robotics (AR) and Design and Modeling (DM). In AR, students will trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics. They will learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students will use a robust robotics platform to design, build, and program a solution to solve an existing problem. In DM, students will begin to recognize the value of an engineering notebook to document and capture their ideas. They will be introduced to and use the design process to solve problems and understand the influence that creative and innovative design has on our lives. Students will use industry standard 3D modeling software to create a virtual image of their designs and produce a portfolio to showcase their creative solutions.

Instrumental Music-Band                                                                                              MJHS Code: FABA8

This course requires playing at an intermediate or advanced level. Emphasis is placed on building a musical foundation that will help students succeed in individual and group performance. Special attention is focused on the skills required for Junior Clinic. After school performances and scheduled rehearsals are required.

Instrumental Music-Orchestra                                                                                      MJHS Code: FAOR8

This course requires the continued development technique through scales, bowings, shifting and vibrato. Students will learn various styles of music and will perform in four concerts a year. All students may choose to audition for Junior Orchestra Clinic. Advanced students may audition and participate in a before-school Chamber Orchestra. After school performances and scheduled rehearsals are required. Learning Support: A recommendation is required MJHS Code: SALS1 The course is designed to assist students with organization, study skills, and monitoring of work completion, and the development of good academic habits. Peer Tutoring: Application is required MJHS Code: SAPT1 This course requires students to assist in the MJHS Special Education Department. An understanding of various disabilities and trends/contemporary issues dealing with these disabilities will be gained. This course is suggested for students considering entering a career involving teaching and working with adults and children who have disabilities. [Type here] 23 Peer tutors may be required to accompany and assist students with disabilities in general education classes or work with students in a Special Education classroom. Weekly reflections required. Some independent study/assignments are required. Shop: Industrial Arts MJHS Code: CTSH0 This course includes woodworking and entry-level computer-aided drawings. Students will learn the proper use of hand and machine tools. Emphasis will be on safety and proper use and care of tools and machines. Each student will design and build a project or projects during the year. Students will also work with design software which will be used for 2D and 3D drawings and bridge designs. They will also work with computer programs which are designed to help with computer maintenance and upgrading. Student Assistant: Application is required MJHS Code: SATA8 In this course, students will assist school staff in a multitude of facets and only students who demonstrate integrity, responsibility, and maturity need apply. It is a privilege to serve in this role. Both 8th and 9th grade students can submit an application for a main office or library assistant and will be assigned according to staff needs. Teen Living MJHS Code: PETL0 This course empowers students to assume personal responsibility in a diverse and ever-changing society. The course assists students in making a seamless transition into upper grade level academics leading to a successful and productive adult life. Students develop transferable work place skills and habits. Instructional content includes academic integration, technology application, career planning, money management, nutrition, fitness, and personal health, personal appearance and environment, family relationships, child development, adolescent issues, leadership and citizenship. Theatre MJHS Code: FATH8 This course empowers students to explore the world of theatre and acting. Activities include learning acting skills such as improvisation, mime, and acting techniques for acting on stage and acting in film. Students also learn basic lighting, costume, and set design, as well as basic video editing. Projects include many group activities, such as performing as an Air Guitar Band, creating an old timey radio broadcast, making short films, and producing a one-act play performed in school. Eighth grade students who take Theatre may apply for the Drama Intermediate class as in the 9th grade. Visual Arts MJHS Code: FAVA8 This course offers art experiences in fine/visual arts, crafts, art history/culture, and art appreciation, stressing the importance of the art “process,” not simply just the end product. Students will review the visual elements of art and compositional principles of design. Students will be exposed to projects/forms of expression, including: drawing (still life, human figure, realism), shading techniques/skills/methods, mask making, painting (watercolor, acrylic), posters, banners, sculpture creations, weaving, printmaking, and much more. The goals of this art education curriculum are to teach students the possibilities of communicating a variety of ideas and emotions via many diverse ways, to foster students’ confidence in their creativity/creative intelligence, and to promote the development of higher-order thinking skills. Students will work with a variety of materials and will be introduced to art history through correlation of artists with assigned projects. Vocal Music: Girls Chorus MJHS Code: FAVMF This course is appropriate for beginning through advanced-level choral students. Admission is restricted to female [Type here] 24 students, but no audition is required. The course covers the basics of music literacy, vocal production, performance preparation, and public performance. The choir will perform high-school-appropriate repertoire of beginning-level difficulty from all stylistic periods (1-2 on a scale of 1 to 6) under the name “The Maryville Girls’ Chorus.” Afterschool performances and scheduled rehearsals are required. Vocal Music: Boys Chorus MJHS Code: FAVMM This course is appropriate for beginning through advanced-level choral students, and may be repeated. Admission is restricted to male students, but no audition is required. The course covers the basics of music literacy, vocal production, performance preparation, and public performance. The choir will perform high-school-appropriate repertoire of beginninglevel difficulty from all stylistic periods (1-2 on a scale of 1 to 6) under the name “The Maryville Boys’ Chorus.” Afterschool performances and scheduled rehearsals are required. Yearbook: MJHS Code: SAY80 This course focuses on the design and development of the school yearbook is created using page layouts, journalism, interviewing and proofreading skills, editing, and photography. Creativity, meeting deadlines, and writing skills are very important.

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