MJHS Clubs


The Anime Club is a unique club for students at both MHS and MJHS who are interested in Japanese manga and anime.  

 Goals & Objectives:​

  • To bring diverse students together 
  • To encourage creativity through artwork and writing 
  • To bridge the gap between cultures 
  • To share ideas

Members meet every other Wednesday in the Ed Harmon room at MHS from 3:30-4:30.  The fee is $20.00 to join.

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The Archery Club is open to all MJHS students. The mission of the archery club is to expose any student willing to participate in international target style archery. This will be accomplished through safety orientation and hands-on experience using the equipment. Teamwork and individual skills will be a key factor in this club with the intent on creating enough interest for the student to find a lifelong activity. The club meets two seasons per year. 

Members meet every Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30 in the school cafeteria beginning November 3.

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The mission of the Maryville Junior High School Art Club is to offer art experiences to students who have creative interests in art, keeping the art “process” and community (coming together with common interests) in mind, focusing on group production as well as individual production. This is accomplished by providing different forms of media, additional time, and techniques beyond and in addition to those offered in regular classroom art (and other) classes. The MJHS Art Club will meet every third Wednesday of each month during the school year in the art room #209 from 3:30—4:30.

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The MHS Climbing Gym is made up of climbing walls that range from 31 feet to 28 feet in height. The climbing walls present a variety of top rope climbs that range from easy climbing to a steep overhanging wall that contains a section of 60 degree climbing. All of the climbing routes can be top rope belayed. Some routes are also lead walls where perma-draws are used as anchors that allow advanced climbers to practice their lead climbing skills. The climbing gym also includes a boulder wall where team members can work on short powerful boulder problems.  The climbing gym floor is designed with climbing in mind.  It is covered with open-celled foam, which is covered with closed-cell foam, which is glued to a thin layer of carpet.

The climbing season begins in September and lasts through early March. The climbing comps are held at the Climbing Center in Knoxville. There are five comps that start in October and end in February. After the end of the regular season, there is an All Comers Boulder Comp, which includes the best climbers from the sixteen area high school teams.

The MJHS Climbing Team practices are held during the season at the MHS Climbing Gym on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30. Each team member is required to have a waiver on file that has been signed by their parents before they can participate. The Climbing Center also requires a signed waiver before climbing team members can participate in the climbing comps.

The MJHS Climbing Team consists of a men’s team and women’s team. Team members must have at a minimum a pair of climbing shoes, a chalk bag, and climbing chalk. Most team members also purchase a personal climbing harness but "one size fits all" harnesses are available at the gym. The team members are also expected to purchase a team T-Shirt that is worn as a uniform during climbing comps. This club is for grades 9-12 only.

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Cornerstone Club

The Cornerstone Club is related to the Builders Club from intermediate school, and it partners with the Maryville Kiwanis Club to help with service projects in our school and community. This club is open to any student at MJHS who would like to design and participate in local community service projects and build strong leadership skills. Our organization meets once a month to plan or discuss a service project for that month, and then we organize dates to complete the service projects. We will also be volunteering to work with some of Kiwanis' projects throughout the school year, such as their annual pancake breakfast in November. The Cornerstone Club is a great opportunity to help and serve the community we live in and to get to know and collaborate with other students here at MJHS. We will meet in Room 310 during morning break one-two days/month. 

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FCA (The Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a non-denominational club that meets every Thursday morning 7:45 – 8:10 in the auditorium, or the 9th grade Wellness room when the auditorium is not available.  FCA is a nationwide club that started in 1954, and meets on hundreds of middle school, junior high school, high school, and college campuses weekly. The club is led by student-leaders that are selected each new school year. Activities include devotionals from various speakers, games, skits, and occasional praise music. 

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Fitness Club

Come join us for a run through the Greenbelt, circuit training, weight lifting, and we will have guest fitness instructors come show us different types of activities (Yoga, Barre, CrossFit).  We will meet after-school 3:30 - 4:30.  Days will vary based on weather, so listen to announcements.

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Math Competition

Math competition is for students who excel in mathematics. Members compete in the TMTA Mathematics Contest at Maryville College. Students must take a placement exam to be eligible for consideration to the math team. Members must attend all practices and tutoring sessions.  Activities other than the math contest will take place on the MJHS campus.


Model United Nations

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees.  MUN builds skills in researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.  Students prepare for these simulations through research, writing of position papers, and creation of resolutions.  The MaryvilleHigh MUN club (9-12) will compete at the Southeastern High School Model United Nations Conference (SHSMUN) in November along with dozens of others schools.  Additionally, the club will compete in several spring MUN conferences. Although this is a "club", it does not meet at regular intervals.  Once country assignments have been made, students work independently to prepare for conferences and meetings are held on an as-needed basis only. Sponsor –  Boone Dixon

Rebel Flyers Drone Club

The goals of the Rebel Flyers drone club are to provide students the opportunity to learn to pilot a drone, to teach safe flying practices and good drone piloting citizenship, and to educate students on piloting techniques for photography and filming.

Students must go through a four-step process to be allowed to be a club pilot these steps will help train the student on how and where to fly a drone, safe flying practices, as well as the federal, local, and school regulations that apply to flying a drone.  The Rebel Flyers drone club flies several days a week, weather permitting, during morning break in the spring and fall, and a simulator is available during bad weather and the winter months. The club is open to any MJHS students who are in good academic standing and behavioral standings.

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Robotics Team

If you have an interest in mechanical and electrical systems, metal-working, computer programming, marketing, fundraising or having fun, then the robotics team is for you!  The BC Robotics Team is currently composed of students from MHS, MJHS, and Heritage High School.  We are a FIRST Robotics Competition Team.  The team consists of a technical team and a business team.  There is something for everyone!  The team will meet weekly in the fall, but requires a greater time commitment in January and February.  For more information, please visit


Joel Smith 

Andy Hebert


TBA – First Meeting is Thursday September, 10 at 6:00 P.M. in the MJHS gym.

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