Student Council

Our Mission & Application


  • To maintain high standards of cooperation
  • To prepare to meet the problems of school and adult life
  • To set a high standard of citizenship
  • To encourage and support all desirable forms of student activities


Student Council consists of both 8th and 9th grade students.

Powers and Duties

  • To develop and adopt such by-laws as may be necessary, subject to the approval of the faculty
  • To organize, promote, and supervise general and special elections, provide polling places, ballots, and officials
  • To promote respect for school and private property
  • To investigate and report on matters especially referred to it by the faculty and administration
  • To originate and formulate any policies in the area of student activities which promote school citizenship
  • To welcome new students and help them become adjusted; to assist at school functions; and welcome visitors as designated by the Principal.
  • To help plan and sponsor social functions, and encourage the use of good behavior at these occasions
  • To sponsor and supervise drives for commendable causes


We would like to welcome any interested students in applying for Student Council this year.  To do so, please either pick up the information sheet and application form in the library, or download the attached form and print it at home.

The election process consists of 3 parts.  

  • First, complete the application including two teacher recommendations and the 1/2-page to 1-page summary about why you would be a great fit for Student Council.  The application is due by Friday, August 19th.

  • Next, attend at least one of the two preliminary meetings.  One will be held before school on Tuesday, August 23rd at 7:40 am in the auditorium.  The second will be held after school on Thursday, August 25th in the library from 3:30 to 4:30.  We will be landscaping that afternoon, so please bring clothes that you can get dirty.
  • Lastly, go through the interview process.  Rather than hold a general election that often becomes a popularity contest, we conduct interviews like they do at Maryville High School.  When you turn in your application, sign up for an interview time.

Thank you for your interest in Student Council, and please feel free to contact Mrs. Luttrell ( or Chris Dunkel ( if you have any questions.

Student Council Application Form

2016-17 Student Council Application

School Projects

student council

We take your suggestions and try to make them happen! Sorry we can't get coke machines or coffee in the cafeteria but keep asking because you never know...your wish could be granted!

This year's projects are under way:

1. Decorate and beautify the school.

  • stain picnic tables
  • hang bulletin boards in hallways and stairwells

2. Host dessert luncheons to honor students in classes each month

3. Host a dessert luncheon to welcome new students to Maryville City Schools. 

4. Raise money to support Children's Resource Center

5. Two dances held during the year will go toward this organization.

6. Create a Welcome packet for new students 
7. Purchase materials for the Library Maker Space
We proudly support the Family ResourceCenter!

Family Resource

Q & A


Anytime you submit comments, questions, concerns we take it seriously. We do our best to find the answers so that you know we are listening to you. Below are a list of questions and answers. Many of them have come from Mrs. McGinley and others are from Renee Hicks, our cafeteria manager.

We have a box in the cafeteria for you to submit information at anytime or you can email Mrs. Luttrell or Mr. Dunkel.

General Questions

Q: Can we have a movie night?

A: No, this is an Intermediate School Function.

Q: Can we have a Talent Show?

A: At this time it is met through the Talent Club and is an Intermediate School Function.

Q: Can we change to school uniforms?

A: This is not a priority at this time. 

Q: Can we have a school gift shop with school themed items?

A: We have not come to any decisions about this.

Q: Can we have mascot to dress in next year?

A: No, this would not be appropriate.  Also, specialized costumes are very expensive.

Q: Can we have longer breaks between classes?

A: No, we have the allotted amount of time within our school schedule. 

Q: Some of the restrooms need stall doors, locks, and need to be updated.  Will this happen?

A: Yes, all bathrooms will be updated just like the ones near the gym.

Q: Some of the restrooms are unsanitary.

A: The cleaning staff cleans every restroom at night.  It is up to you to keep them clean during the school day.

Q: Assemblies in the Auditorium.

A: The auditorium only holds 150 students.  This cannot accomodate a grade level of 400 let alone both grades.  We are hoping to have the auditorium updated in the near future however, it still will not hold a grade level.


Q: Can we have more dances?

A: We now have one dance per nine weeks for both grades including a Semi-Formal at the end of the year for both grades.

Physical Education

Q: Can we get better dodge balls and footballs? 

A: New dodge balls are purchased at the beginning of the year.  The PE teachers explain that they will last if used properly, but some students abuse them and tear them.  Dodge balls and footballs are expensive, so the PE can only afford to purchase them once a year.  If you would like the equipment to last longer, please help to stop others from abusing the quipment.

Q: Is it possible to get more workout equipment?

A: There is the possibility of getting more equipment, but at the moment it is an issue of money and space.  Workout equipment is very expensive, so we are limited on what we can buy.  Also, the current workout room is full of equipment, so there isn't room for many other pieces.  As the equipment wears down, it will be replaced.

Q: Can more basketballs be put out in morning gym?

A: Typically the rack of basketballs are available in the morning and the morning-duty teachers in the gym will monitor them to make sure there are enough. If you see that there are not enough basketballs, please ask the teacher on duty and he/she will be able to get one for you.

Q: Can we get air conditioning in the locker rooms or update them?

A: Unfortunately, it may be a while until we can get a/c in the locker rooms.  Air conditioning units are very expensive (often in the tens of thousands of dollars).  With the economy being the way it has been over the last several years, there has been less money for school improvements. With less money, districts have to really consider where the money could best be used.  Since the locker room are only used for a few minutes at the beginning and end of each class, there have been other needs that have taken precedence over a/c in the locker rooms.  Should we have an excess of money, we will definitely look into improving those areas.

Q: Is it possible to get more workout equipment?

A: There is the possibility of getting more equipment, but at the moment it is an issue of money and space.  Workout equipment is very expensive, so we are limited on what we can buy.  Also, the current workout room is full of equipment, so there isn't room for many other pieces.  As the equipment wears down, it will be replaced.

Q: Can we get a climbing rope in the gym?

A: While it would be possible to get a climbing rope in the gym, getting one might cause us to lose floor space.  Because climbers can reach unsafe heights, ropes need to be surrounded by padding in case the climber falls. By adding the padding, we would lose the space we need for the other activities.  

Q: Can we go to the gym during lunch? 

A:  PE coaches have classes during lunch block and cannot supervise more students in the gym. 


Q: Can we have Powerade/Gatorade/Sodas?

AAgainst state school nutritional guidelines--too much sugar

Q: We need better food!

A: Our cafeteria food program has changed drastically since Renee Hicks has become the manager.  She has to place food bids to Blount County and the County determines which food companies to use.  Before she came to our school the cafeteria was losing money because so many students did not like the food.  Today their sales are soaring and they are able to operate on their own. This should tell you something about how good the food is for a school cafeteria. Really, we should all be thankful for what we do have.  On top of that they make the atmosphere welcoming and fun when they decorate and dress up on certain ocassions.  

Q: Can we have mint dispensers?

A: No, it does not follow nutritional guidlines because most are pure sugar and artificial flavoring.

Q: Did the Icecream brand change?

A: Yes, they now carry Blue Bell which has outsold Mayfield's Icecream.

Q: Can we chew gum? 

A:  Yes, it is up to your classroom teacher but PLEASE dispose in the trash can. No gum is allowed in the library because of carpet.

Q: We need bigger water cups.

A: The cafeteria has a budget for these items and larger water cups do not fit in their budget. 

Clubs and Sports

Here's the deal.  If you want to have a sport or club in our school someone has to sponsor it.  It costs money to pay coaches to sponsor a sports team and it takes teachers to volunteer time to sponsor a club. Therefore, we cannot offer these if we do not have the funding or volunteers.

Below is a list of suggestions with reasonable answers:

S: Baking/Cooking Class

A: We now have Teen Living as an elective this year which includes a cooking component.  MJHS also offer an enrichment class during the first three days of fall break.

S: Swimming Team

A: We now have a team at the high school the freshman can join.

S: Dance Team

A: Currently the high school offers this and we are not sure if we will have this in the future.

S: Chess Club

A: We would need a sponsor and enough interest.

S: Airsoft Club

A: We would need a sponsor and enough interest.  Also, due to the physical nature of airsoft, we would have to have parental permission forms.

S: School Plays

A: Drama is now offered throughout the day as an elective.

S: Fencing Club

A: We would need a sponsor and enough interest.

S:  Boys Volleyball Team

A: There does not appear to be enough interest in the area to field a league. Most schools are not willing to add an additional sports team for the reasons stated above, so it would be difficult to find other schools to play.  Volleyball is a terrific sport, but boys volleyball just doesn't garner the same interest in East Tennessee as it does in places such as California.  If a volunteer could generate enough interest in the area, it is possible that it might become a club sport, but the chances of it becoming a school-sponsored sport are very unlikely.


Student Council is comprised of 7 committees.  This gives everyone a chance to contribute to the school community. 

Beautification: works to make our school environment an inviting place.  They maintain landscaping, the memorial garden, and  find ways to spruce up halls and rooms in the school.

Charity: raises funds for local organizations such as Family Resource Center, Blount County Animal Shelter, and Toys for Blount.

Esprit de Corps: coordinates activities to unite Student Council.

 Student Out Reach: finds ways to celebrate student achievement and accomplishments by sending notes and more.

New Student Welcome: hosts a dessert event once a 9 weeks for new students.

Marketing: promote activities going on in the school such as school dances

Facilities: let Mrs. Eaterly know school needs such as faulty water fountains, bathroom problems, hand santizer refills, adding microwaves to the lunch room, etc.