Credit Recovery


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Maryville Junior High School

Credit Recovery

What is Credit Recovery?

School Board policy 9.13.13 defines Credit Recovery as “a course-specific, standards based extended learning opportunity for students who have previously been unsuccessful in mastering the standards required to receive course credit or earn promotion.”

Who is eligible for Credit Recovery?

According to the guidelines set forth by Maryville City Schools’ Board of Education, the eligibility requirements are as follows:

1.      The student’s parent or legal guardian gives written consent for the student to enroll in the proposed Credit Recovery course.

2.      The student has previously taken an initial, non-credit recovery section of the proposed course. Credit Recovery is designed to be a remediation option for students, and a Credit Recovery course shall not be the first time a student is exposed to the course content.

3.      The student mastered at least fifty percent (50%) of the course standards as evidenced by the course grade in a non-credit recovery section of the course or a diagnostic assessment.  Students who mastered below fifty percent (50%) of the course standards as evidenced by the course grade in a non-credit recovery section of the course or a diagnostic assessment, must re-take the course. 

Credit Recovery teachers will be responsible for reviewing initial student diagnostic results.  They will assist in determining appropriate goals, coursework, and assignments for students.  The courses will be aligned with Tennessee’s current academic standards, and content may be delivered through instructional technology. 

How will my student receive grades for Credit Recovery?

Students passing Credit Recovery will receive a grade of seventy percent (70%).  The student transcript shall denote that the credit was attained through credit recovery.  The original failing grade may also be listed on the transcript, but it will not factor into the student’s GPA. 

When is Credit Recovery?

Maryville Junior High School will be offering credit recovery from May 21, 2019-June 14, 2019 from 8 am-12 pm each day.  It will be held at Maryville High School, and families must provide their own transportation. 


Credit Recovery Permission Slip


Your student is eligible to participate in Credit Recovery.  There is no cost associated with this program, but students must be present daily, and they must be on time.  Please sign the permission slip below indicating that you understand the policies and guidelines for Credit Recovery and you would like for your student to participate. 


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