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Exit Survey

MJHS Ready Graduate

Every Maryville student deserves to enter the next phase of life

with the appropriate tools for that next step.

Are you Maryville Ready?


Our new college and career program will help every student become a “Ready Graduate."

We will do this through intentional one-on-one planning, purposeful pathway design, and focused self-discovery. 

We have created a program that individualizes each student’s path through high school

to maximize their choices for the college or career path.


We want to ensure that every Maryville Student is

· Resilient

· Respectful

· Critically Thinker

· Problem Solver

· Communicator

· Competitor in the world

· Meets or exceeds state and local expectations

In 2020, in accordance with the “Every Student Succeeds ACT” (ESSA), the state of Tennessee implemented its “Ready Graduate” program. The goal is to recognize and reward schools and districts whose high school graduates demonstrate readiness for meaningful postsecondary education, a training program, and/or workforce entry. In simple terms, our Maryville students should be ready to go to college, trade school, or go straight into the workforce.


The State of Tennessee defines a Ready Graduate as a student that has completed one of the following: 

Score a 21 or high on the ACT or a 1060 on the SAT, or

Complete 4 Early Post Secondary Opportunities, or

Complete 2 EPSOs & earn an Industry Certification, or

Complete 2 EPSOs and earn a 31 on the ASVAB

What are EPSOs?

  • Advanced Placement Course (AP)
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Local Dual Credit Courses (LDC)
  • State Dual Credit Course (SDC)
  • Industry Certification

Within our program, we will be utilizing the award-winning School Links college and career readiness platform. This is a phenomenal resource for students to become thoroughly educated about their college, career, or military strengths and options. This all-encompassing tool fits well in the history and expectation of excellence in Maryville City Schools.

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